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Postcard of Dulcote Fountain, Little Fountains looking towards the operating east mill, likely taken in late 1800's

Our understanding of the past cannot be as simple as it would seem from our history books.  Historians create differing interpretations of the past -- just as we all do now of our present. And no two historians will be able to reflect the same reality. 

The sketches on this site attempt only to capture a series of snapshot-images of Dulcote's past.  They have been garnered from facts that have been recorded by our collective ancestors and then they have been stitched together by the active imagination of one modern writer.  But from the numerous threads of such records and stories, we begin to see patterns in this community's historical character.  Stepping back further and looking at the permutations of the weave overall, the time-worn tapestry of the hamlet of Dulcote emerges.